Grassroots football wouldn’t exist without our incredible volunteers.

There are lots of different roles required to run a football club, from secretaries and treasurers to coaches and club welfare officers, local clubs need volunteers to keep running and ensure they provide football for all.

Below are some of the roles involved and a brief explanation of them.

Chairman & Secretary

Paul Challenger

07976 351209

E-Mail Paul

A pivotal role within the club. Paul is responsible for the running of the club and for organising and chairing its committee. As well as procedural matters, Paul is responsible for the strategic direction of the club.

Paul is the main point of contact for people within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities.

  • Chairs the committee meetings & AGM. Produces the agenda's.
  • Oversee the running of the club and ensure that it is run efficiently and managed appropriately.
  • Provide leadership in all areas.
  • The main point of contact for the County FA, team managers and clubs/leagues.
  • Looks after the administrative duties for the club/league.
  • Heads the committee in making decisions for the benefit of the whole club including disciplinary matters and strategic planning.
  • Growth and development of the club.
  • Annual affiliation to the County FA.
  • Processing disciplinary notifications.
  • Attending League and County FA meetings.
  • Hiring training facilities.
  • Organising the Annual General Meetings and other club meetings throughout the season.
  • Primary point of contact for internal queries (membership queries, complaints etc).
  • Representing the Club at external meetings and in external communications, feeding back information to appropriate individuals as required.


Rebecca Thompson

07910 380513

The treasurer is responsible for the club’s money and keeping the club on a sound financial footing.

Rebecca handles the day-to-day financial administration of the club, making and receiving all payments on behalf of the club, and recording every transaction.

Rebecca is responsible for ensuring the financial integrity of the Club, presenting audited financial statements to club members at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Checking that players subscriptions are paid.
  • Disciplinary fees from players are paid.
  • Paying invoices issued by the County FA, League and facilities.
  • Maintaining financial accounts and records.
  • Coordinating annual auditing/verification of accounts.
  • Presenting annual statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Preparing and monitoring annual budget.
  • Signing off on financial matters (e.g. club purchases, club-related expenses).
  • Financial planning to keep the club in good financial shape.

Club Welfare Officer

Lisa Huntington

07980 042155

E-Mail Lisa

The Club Welfare Officer is a key role for any youth club and is responsible for ensuring that the club operates a safe and enjoyable playing environment for young players or adults at risk.

Lisa ensures that all coaches and helpers have undergone the required FA background checks and workshops.

Lisa is the primary point of contact for any member who may have concerns regarding the safeguarding of children or adults at risk.

For more information see the dedicated child safety page in the link below.

  • Provide and promote a standard, transparent welfare policy for the club.
  • Responsible for safeguarding issues within the club.
  • Providing a first point of contact for any queries or concerns relating to safeguarding and welfare.
  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained at appropriate levels.
  • Ensures that the club operates a safe, child friendly environment.
  • Promotes good practice in line with the club/league Child Protection Policy.
  • Overseeing the Club’s compliance with Criminal Records Checks, including verifying documents of coaches, assistants and volunteers.
  • Make sure that all coaches and assistants are up to date with their training.
  • Primary point of contact for any member who may have concerns regarding the safeguarding of children or adults at risk.
  • Promote The FA’s respect programme and ensuring vlub members abide by the various codes of conduct.
  • Work with team coaches/managers to ensure they are fulfilling their duty of care to children and adults at risk.
  • Work with other the County Safeguarding Manager, Club Welfare Officers and Youth League Welfare Officers to monitor child and adult at risk safeguarding in football.
  • Ensuring the Club has the appropriate safeguarding, anti-bullying, equality and recruitment processes in place.
  • Ensuring any Club activities (training sessions, matches, tournaments and festivals etc) comply with FA Safeguarding requirements.
  • Acting as Designated Safeguarding Officer for Club tournaments.

Player Registration Officer

Lisa Huntington

07980 042155

E-Mail Lisa

  • Add all players to the WGS.
  • Register all players with the League so that they can participate in fixtures.
  • Transfer of Players from one Club to another.
  • De-register players.
  • Assign parent(s)/Guardian(s) to player profiles if required.
  • Emailing coaches squad lists.


For the manager/coaches contact details see the individual team pages in the More Info link below.

The managers/coaches are responsible for player development, individually and as a collective unit.

Responsible for team administration in the buildup to and during matches, as well as recruitment.

The team manager/coach is likely to be in close contact with parents or guardians re their child’s development and expectations.

  • Plan and deliver appropriately targeted, balanced and inclusive training sessions,
  • Recognise players’ strengths and weaknesses and offer feedback and advise.
  • Provide encouragement and advice for players on how best to develop their skills and fitness outside of club training sessions.
  • Confirming Cup and League entries and Players with the Club Secretary prior to affiliation.
  • Selecting the team on a weekly basis.
  • Confirming fixture arrangements with opposition and match officials.
  • Organising match-day logistics and travel arrangements.
  • Maintaining equipment throughout the season.
  • Payment of referees on match day.
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